Yugioh Sneak Peek Details

Good day Yugioh players,
There has been a change at Konami with how Yugioh Sneak Peeks happen.
Here is what is going to be the deal, going forward:
$20 Entry into a Constructed Tournament (Note: Not Sealed)
Each player is handed at the start of the Tournament, 5 Booster Packs of the Sneak Peek set, one promo card, which they can use in their decks, and one set list.
Players can crack their packs and add them to their Constructed Decks or choose not too.
You will have 20 minutes to change your constructed decks, before the event starts.
Please note the following:
– This is not a ‘sanctioned’ tournament, so the standings will not be reported.
– A Sneak Peek play mat will go to first place, with the other ones randomly given out or rolled off for.
– There is no Astral Pack for this event.
– However, 1 booster pack will go into the prize pool for every two participants, rounded up, and give out to approximately the top 25% of players.
– Maximum number of players for Sneak Peek is 32 players.
In addition, after the completion of the tournament, or after they drop from the event, players are encouraged to make a 20 card deck with the Sneak Peek cards only and play casually with other players in the store.
Call with any other questions and have a great Sneak Peek!
See you soon!
– Game Master Dave