OctaCon is coming up!!!

OctaCon 4
A FREE Gaming Convention in Nassau County!
Saturday, October 28, 2017 9am-8pm
Sunday, October 29, 2017 11am-5pm
Bethpage Library
47 Powell Ave. Bethpage, NY
Library Contact: Rob Sporing
Gaming Contact: David VanderWerf
Additional Contact: Virginia Walsh
There is still space if you want to run a game!
We have space for more vendors and artists too!
FREE table, but we ask you donate 10% to the Friends of the Bethpage Library
Contact Dave at Dave@gamemastergames.com
Legendary Realms Terrain
Blaze DeNosferatu
Current Schedule (Subject to change)
All Day – Open Gaming, Demos, Vendors, and Artists
All Day – Kapow! Demos
All Day – Herald Beth Demos of various games, Special Guest
9am – Bellz with Ginger
10am – Blood Bowl Demos with Marc
10am – Quarriors with Cory
10am – Quirkle with Deb
10am – The Game with Rory
10am – Laser Riderz with Beth
11am – Learn to Play Pokemon, Entry Fee for Starter Deck, with Dave
11am – Venture Party, Special Guests Erik and Jill
12pm – X-Wing Miniature Game Blind Box Battle Royale, Entry Fee for Random Ship, with Jason
12pm – Clank! with JJ
12pm – Codenames with Deb
12pm – Ticket to Ride with Rory
12pm – Harry Potter Deck Building Game with Beth
1pm – Beyonder, Special Guests Arek, RPG
1pm – Dice Forge with Cory
2pm – Scoville with Andy
2pm – Core Worlds with Marc
2pm – Munchkin Marvel with Beth
3pm – Tiny Epic Galaxies Cory
3pm – Yahtzee World Series with Rory
4pm – Boggle with Deb
5pm – Gloomhaven with Chuck
5pm – Lost Mines of Phandelver, D&D RPG with Liam
5pm – Brewcrafters with Andy
6pm – Betrayal at House on the Hill with Nicole
All day – Open Gaming, Demos, Vendors, and Artists
All day – Herald Jarett Demos of Various Games, Special Guest
11am – Bellz with Ginger
11am – Learn to Play Pokemon, Additional Charge, with Dave
12pm – Laser Riderz with Beth
12pm – No Thank You, Evil, All ages RPG with Ginger
12pm – King of Tokyo with Ginger
1pm – No Thank You, Evil, All ages RPG with Ginger
1pm – Mice and Mystics wigh Nicole
130pm – Castle Panic and Star Trek Panic with Beth
2pm – Younger Kids Quick Game Demo Medley with Ginger
2pm – D&D RPG with Chuck