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Phone number out, but will be back soon!

Good day gamers,
Please note that our phone number is currently deactivated as we switch to a VOIP service for Game Master Games. It will be back shortly. If we missed your phone call, please send us a message on Facebook or e-mail us at [email protected]
Thank you,
- Game Master Dave

Last day for sales is Sunday! Use your store credit now!

Good day gamers,
We are coming into our final four days of being open and the amount of product moving out the door is astronomical!
Thank you so much for your patronage!
We still have a lot of cool stuff, great accessories, and gift ideas!
However, what I didn’t get a chance to advertise sooner was…you need to use your store credit!!!
So, if you haven’t used your store credit yet, come in now!
We close to the general public on Sunday!
See you soon!
- Game Master Dave

GMG Last Call Store Credit

We are open all summer with great events and product sales, but GMG is closing soon.

To all of our incredible and loyal customers, tournament organizers, DMs, and our amazing employees,

The owners of Game Master Games want to say “Thank you” to everyone we have met and enjoyed a conversation with, who participated in a game or tournament at the store, patronized our location, or visited us at events over the past 5 years.

This has been an amazing journey of hard work, but also lots of fun with great people. Our main goal was to provide a place where a fun and friendly community of people could gather and share in a common interest. Along the way we made many new friends, shared great ideas, and ran thousands of games and tournaments.

We have had great success in so many ways and we are amazingly proud of what we have accomplished.

At the end of August our lease is up which has forced us to look ahead and make some difficult business decisions, and at this time we have decided to close the store for various reasons. This decision was not easy for us because we love what we do, and we will miss the wonderful community of gamers who enjoy our store.

We will still be open all summer long with our regularly scheduled events, awesome product sales, and several ‘Special Events’!!! Don’t miss out on the fun still to come over the coming months.  

Our last day of regular business will be Sunday, July 30th, but we will continue to be open all of August for great sales that you will not want to miss. Make sure you check out the events until then, and watch for announcements on great game sales soon.  We will be selling other inventory, furnishings, and fixtures, so contact us if interested.

We also want to thank our amazing staff, who we will miss the most. Their hard work and dedication has made everything possible, and we could not have achieved what we did without them as part of our team. Please make sure to stop in and thank them.

Stay tuned for more news coming from our Game Master Team: Conventions, YouTube Channel, Gaming Events, and much more… 

We cannot even begin to express how deeply we appreciate your support and business and the friendships you have shared with us over the years.  You are all awesome!

There is more to come in the future, so see you soon! 

-         Game Master Dave


Until August:

-         We are still open normal business hours

-         All our regular events are still scheduled, but there may be some changes, so watch for announcements

-         We will be ordering less product, but you can still special order what you are looking for

-         We are still selling singles for TCGs

-         We are still buying singles for TCGs, but perhaps in a more limited capacity

-         We will have bigger and better sales over time, so check out the discounted prices and grab what you want quicker before it’s gone

During August:

-         We are still open, but with limited hours on certain days, check for announcements

-         There will be no scheduled events

-         Sales will continue until we run out of product

-         Furnishings and fixtures will be for sale

After August

-         Game Master Dave will still be showing up at local conventions like the upcoming LI Retro and LI Who to teach and run games and tournaments

-         We will be launching our YouTube Channel and other projects

Interested in owning a Game Store?

-         GMG can help you decide, talk to us!

516-597-5555, [email protected]

Amonkhet Weekend, Game Day, Draft, and Standard Showdown

Good day Magic players,
Events for this weekend…
Saturday, 5/20/17:
3pm - Amonkhet Game Day, Standard, $5, Play Mat, Promo Cards, Gift Card Prize Support
6pm - Amonkhet Draft, $13, Gift Card Prize Support
Sunday, 5/21/17:
3pm - Amonkhet Game Day, Standard, $5, Play Mat, Promo Cards, Gift Card Prize Support
5pm - Amonkhet Standard Showdown, FREE Standard, Showdown Packs for top 8 and one random, $20 Gift Card to 1st Place and 1st Place only, if over 8 players.
Call with any questions: 516-597-5555
See you soon!
- Game Master Dave

Magic Amonkhet Game Day 20170520

Free Comic Book Day!

Good day gamers,
Free Comic Book Day at GMG!
Saturday, 5/6/17
20% off Comics in the White Comic Boxes
20% off Graphic Novels
20% off Dice Masters, Collectibles, and Heroclix
10% off all POP figurines
10% off Board Games
And lots and lots of FREE comics!
Call for more information: 516-597-5555
See you soon!
- Game Master Dave