Good day Gamers!!! Lots going on!!!

Good day gamers!
There is a lot going on at The Game Table over the next couple weeks, so please check out the calendar we have on the site.
We have started another D&D 4.0 Encounters, Web of the Spider Queen, that is running on Wednesday nights at 8pm.
Heroclix is ever so popular and is played on Tuesday nights and Thursday nights at around 7pm.
Pokemon League is held on Thursdays at 4pm.
Vanguard Tournaments are increasing in popularity and sometimes we have a box tournament on Saturdays at 1pm.
Magic is as popular as ever with Friday Night Magic being our biggest Magic events, but we have some upcoming Legacy and Modern events and we always have drafts on the weekends.
A Scrabble League is starting soon.
We just got in Flames of War product.
We have Diablo and maybe soon Civilization 5 on our computers.
New Duelist Terminal packs have been ordered and Yugioh events are at 5pm on Friday and at 3pm on weekends.
L5R is coming back strong with a whole range of tournaments posted for June.
And lots and lots more…come down and see! Call the store for more details…516-280-7644.
Thank you, David

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