Axis & Allies Mini-Convention and other WarGames, 5/21/16

Good day gamers,

Axis & Allies Mini-gaming convention run by Long Island Axis & Allies Meetup

Lots of other games too!

Saturday, 5/21/16

Starting at 9am, but come anytime.  $15

Grace Episcopal Church

14-15 Clintonville Street, Whitestone, NY

Tentative Schedule

Morning: Large Versions

Global 1940 & Anniversary Edition

Afternoon (2PM?): Standard Size Versions


Evening (7PM?): Not Quite A&A

D-Day, Guadacanal, Bulge,1941, Original Nova Games Edition,Europe,Pacific

Quartermaster General, Dust, Magnifico, World War IV, Superpowers, Conquest of Nerath, Kings & Things, Small World, Branded Risk versions, Imperial 2030, Buck Rogers, Blood Feud in New York, Conquest of the Empire, Conquest of the Pacific, Fortress America, Amerika, War in the Age of Imperialism, East & West, The Wargame, War on Terror: The Boardgame

Throughout the Day

Team play against the computer (TripleA) tournament, trying to see who can win fastest using either Revised edition or 1942-2nd edition.


$15. Covers snacks.


1.  The times are guidelines only.Show up and play.

2.  A&A is a multi-player team game. There is no problem with showing up in the middle or leaving early

3. You can play 2 games at once. You generally spend a lot of time waiting  for your turn so you can participate in another game. Your allies can always roll dice for you

4. Beginners are welcome. We will explain the rules to you. Team play against the computer is a good way to learn.


Magic, Shadows over Innistrad Launch Weekend!!!

Some notes for the upcoming weekend…
– Magic, Sealed Event, Friday, 7pm, $25
– Big Tournament Weekend, so starting Saturday, no casual gaming space. If you are not in a tournament, you may be asked to give up your seat. Thank you for you for your understanding in advance.
– All our regularly scheduled events this weekend will still happen.
– Thursday night Magic event is Draft.
– Thursday night Miniature event is X-Wing
– Thursday night we are open until 12:30am on Friday morning for sales of Shadows over Innistrad products!
Call to sign up for the events today!

Magic Shadows Over Innistrad Launch 20160408

Magic, PPTQ on Sunday! 10am Registration, $35, Sealed Event

Good day Magic Players,
PPTQ this coming Sunday at Game Master Games!
3/20/16, 10am Deck Registration, approximate 11am Start
Sealed, $35
Cut to Top 8, Draft
2 Booster Packs per person in the prize pool and a random prize every round.
More prizes based on participation.
Number of rounds based on participation.
Chris Rumore will be the head judge.
Taking sign-ups starting on Thursday afternoon
Call with any questions or to sign up: 516-597-5555
See you soon!
– Game Master Dave