Events this coming weekend!

Good day gamers,
Some events for this weekend…
Thursday, 1/5/17
7pm – X-Wing, 100 point Tournament, $5, Will teach how to play
7pm – Magic, Star City Games Draft, $13
Friday, 1/6/17
6pm – Magic, Learn to play, FREE
7pm – Magic, Draft, $13
8pm – Magic, Modern, $5
9:30pm – Magic, Standard, $5
Saturday, 1/7/17
12pm – DBZ, $5
3pm – WS, $5
4pm – CFV, $5
5pm – YUG, $5
5:30pm – FOR, $5
6pm – Magic, Draft, $13
Sunday, 1/8/17
5pm – Magic, Standard, $5
See you soon!
– Game Master Dave

We close early, tomorrow, Saturday, 12/24/16, Christmas Eve Day!

Good day gamers,
Just so you know, since we close early, 6pm, tomorrow, Saturday, 12/24/16, on Christmas Eve Day, we will not be running the following scheduled events:
4pm – Cardfight Vanguard Tournament
5pm – Yugioh Tournament
6pm – Magic Tournament
We are open for sales and open gaming until 6pm.
Please call with any other questions: 516-597-5555
– Game Master Dave

Magic Events for this upcoming week!!!

Good day Magic players,
Magic events for this coming week are:
Thursday, 12/22/16: 7pm, Commander, Star City Games Games Night, $5
Friday, 12/23/16:
7pm – Draft, $13
8pm – Pauper, $5
9:30pm – Standard, $5
Saturday, 12/24/16:
No event, closing at 6pm, Happy Holidays!
Sunday, 12/25/16:
No event, Closed, Happy Holidays!!!
Have a safe and great time gaming with your friends and family!
– Game Master Dave

Dragonball Z, ARG Event, Saturday, 12/10/16

New York Dragon Ball Z ARG holiday event
Entry $15 start time 1pm 12/10/16
Game Master Games
954 S Broadway
Hicksville, NY 11801

Each entry will receive 1 pack of dbz awakening and a package of assorted promo cards
Door prizes for this event based on attendance will include
Berrus promo
Dbz playmats
Dbz deck boxes
Dbz sleeves
Store credit
And more