OctaCon Updated Schedule as of Saturday, 4pm!

Still lots of time tonight and tomorrow to enjoy scheduled games, open gaming, and the raffle!!!


Saturday, 10/25/14, 10am – 2am

Sunday, 10/26/14, 12pm – 10pm


$10 Entry Fee for all three days of events

Receive a wristband and 5 Tickets

Tickets are redeemable for snacks, food, pizza, and products as well as for the raffle

(NOTE:  some events have separate entry fees)


No OctaCon entry fee needed for our regularly scheduled Trading Card Game Tournaments,

just the usual entry fee.


Game Master Games

954 S. Broadway

Hicksville, NY 11801










Schedule of Events:

(Subject to change and more events soon!)

(If there is an additional fee, it is listed)


Entire Weekend:

3DS Super Smash Bros.  “King of the Smash” Event!

Winner Every Hour!


UPDATED 10/25/14 4pm


Saturday, 10/25/14:

4pm – Cardfight Vanguard Tournament, $5

5pm – Dice Masters Casual

5pm – Boss Monster

6pm – Magic the Gathering Draft Tournament, $12

8pm – Game of Thrones Board Game

8pm – D&D 5th Ed. RPG, Ravenloft

8pm – Star Trek Attack Wing Special Event, $10, Blind Booster Battle Royale, New Players Welcome!


Sunday, 10/26/14:

12pm – Car Wars, Classic Steve Jackson Game

12pm – Ascension

12pm – PDQ RPG, “No Taliban in the Dasya Valley”

12pm – Godslayer Mini Demo

2pm – Pathfinder Adventure Card Game, “Skulls and Shackles”, New Players Welcome

4pm – Auction

5pm – Red Dragon Inn

5pm – Magic FREE Standard Tournament

5pm – D&D RPG 5.0 tournament, “Your Friendly Neighborhood Pit of Chaos”

7:30pm – D&D RPG 5.0 Tournament, “Your Friendly Neighborhood Pit of Chaos”


More Events coming soon!!!

Call with Questions:  516-597-5555