Thursday night, 5/14/15:

Thursday, 5/14/15:

10% off Role-Playing Games

7pm – Star Trek Attack Wing Organized Play Event, $10 or buy one ship.  New players welcome!

7pm – Magic, Star City Games, Standard Event, $5, Foil Tokens, Pins, and Gift Cards.

7:30pm – Dice Masters Constructed Event, $5, Promo Cards.

Call for more information:  516-597-5555

See you soon!

- Game Master Dave


Heroclix event tonight! Tuesday, 7:30pm, $5

April 28, 2015
1000 points. Up to 8 characters allowed on your starting team (meaning you can have more via sideline, etc). No characters over 400 points. 4 actions per turn. 1st, 2nd, and door prize/roll off will be awarded prizes from our various OP kits. $5 entry fee.

Call with any questions:  516-597-5555