GMG is OPEN! But the roads are expected to ice up tonight, so maybe stay home.

Good day gamers,
Game Master Games is open!
We are planning on staying open until 10pm, barring any other emergencies!
However, the roads are good, but not great, the parking lot is plowed, but a little slippery, so if you don’t have a TCG or other emergency, you may want to just stay home and we will see you later in the week!
NOTE: Last night it was miniature customers braving the storm, today it’s Magic customers braving the roads!
- Dave

GMG is open at 12pm on Tuesday! But stay home if you don’t have to come out.

Good day gamers,
Hope everyone weathered the storm ok!
Game Master Games is opening at 12pm!
I’m just here doing paperwork and ordering.
But if you don’t have a painting, glue, or boredom emergency, it’s probably best to stay off the roads.
Be safe! Take it easy!
See you later in the week!
Call with questions, especially if you are looking for something that we may or may not have in-stock. No reason to take the risk driving down if we don’t have it.
– Dave

GMG is closed. Late opening on Tuesday, but no details yet.

Good day gamers,
Game Master Games is closed and we don’t know when we will open on Tuesday.
We will keep you posted.
There is a warning tonight to stay off the roads after 11pm and apparently you can get a ticket for being on the road.
We will most likely open GMG on Tuesday, when the street ban on cars is lifted sometime tomorrow.
Be safe, be warm, stay home!
Call us if you have any question: 516-597-5555.
Thank you
– Dave

GMG is closing at 6pm, Monday, due to weather!

Good day gamers,
GMG will be closing at 6pm.
Stay home, stay safe!
Thank you for the last minute sales!
Magic, glue, Quorridor, Yugioh, paint…all good things to get as you won’t be going anywhere tomorrow…
Thanks again and stay tuned for when we open tomorrow, Tuesday.
Call with any questions: 516-597-5555
– Dave

GMG is OPEN, for now… Closing at 8pm tonight!

Good day gamers,

Game Master Games is still open!

For now…

We are closing tonight at 8pm and we may also move that time up.

But you can still browse some of our items in-stock at or call me at 516-597-5555, since I’ll still be here for several hours doing paperwork.

See you soon! ┬áBut for now…just get home safe and stay home!

The roads are dangerous.


Dave, GMG

GMG is OPEN! For now! Today and tomorrow hours subject to change!

Good day gamers,
Game Master Games is open, today, Monday, but due to the weather, we may close early, so if you are planning on braving the weather, please look on Facebook, check out our website, or call the store to make sure we are still open: 516-597-5555.
Suggestion…when it starts snowing again…just stay home and be safe!
Tuesday: We may open later than normal, but we plan on being open at some point.
Thank you,
– Game Master Dave