ALERT! Some changes this coming week!!

ALERT! GMG Changes this week!
Weird…have to send out some notices about different things happening this week and next…
Usually, I just post events…
NOTE: FNM Standard Event this week is at 8:30pm, due to the Magic Pre-Release.
NOTE: No space in the store for casual games on Saturday due to Magic Pre-Release.
NOTE: Tomorrow, Thursday, we will have D&D Attack Wing. Normally it’s on the 3rd Thursday, but this month we had a scheduling change.
NOTE: We are sold out for Magic Pre-Release on Saturday 3pm an Two-Headed Giant on Saturday at 8pm.
NOTE: We have lots of Pre-Release Products coming in, so we will run 8-person Sealed Events on Saturday and Sunday at 12pm.
NOTE: Next Thursday, 10/1/15, we are open until 12:30am, so this is a good time for any gamers to play those long games or campaigns, since we normally close at 10pm.
That is all…for now…
Call with questions: 516-597-5555
Thank you and see you soon!
– Game Master Dave

ALERT!!! Friday, Front door temporarily closed until about 9pm! We are OPEN!

ALERT…ALERT…the door Temporarily Closed due to cement work!!!
We are OPEN!
But, you will have to follow the building around to the left and enter from the rear Emergency Exit.
Call us with questions: 516-597-5555
We should get use of the front door again by about 9pm today, Friday.
Sorry for the inconvenience.
See you soon!
– Game Master Dave

Attack Wing Day Changes this month…see below!!!

Attack Wing Players…
Please NOTE…
Tomorrow, Thursday, 9/17/15, will be Star Trek Attack Wing and next Thrusday will be D&D Attack Wing.
This is due a slight change in our schedule this month.
In October, we return to…
1st Thursday – X-Wing
2nd Thursday – Star Trek Attack Wing
3rd Thrusday – D&D Attack Wing.
Call with any questions: 516-597-5555
See you soon!
– Game Master Dave

Today we remember…

Game Master Games would like to take a moment to recognize today the losses, the pain, the sacrifice, the memories, and the triumph through tragedy, not only today, but for all days, throughout time.

Labor Day Specials! We are open 10am-10pm!

Good day gamers,

Game Master Games is open 10am-10pm on Labor Day!

Get your last minute games for your family outing!

10% off almost everything in the store!

(Not Booster Boxes that are already discounted more than 30% off MSRP, or single card sales)

Call us to make sure we have it in-stock, before coming down though, we have sold a lot of board games in the last couple days for the holiday!


See you soon and Happy Labor Day!!!

– Game Master Dave