Magic, Amonkhet Pre-Release Weekend, Lots of Prizes!

Good day Magic players,
Amonkhet Pre-Release Weekend Information
(Poster on the way)
Friday, 4/21/17
7pm – Draft, $13, AER/AER/KLD
8pm – Commander, $5
8:30pm – Standard, $5 (Note Time Change due to Midnight Sealed
All weekend long, Open Dueling with Planeswalker Decks, while supplies last, ask an associate for more information.
All Sealed Events are Booster Pack Prize Support
It is encouraged to sign up in advance due to some events have limited space, 516-597-5555
Saturday, 4/22/17
12:01am – AKH Sealed, $25
1pm – AKH Sealed, $25, Full Swiss
6pm – AKH Sealed, $25, Four Rounds, Pay out to record
8pm – AKH Sealed Two-Headed Giant, $25 per player, Full Swiss
Sunday, 4/23/17
1pm – AKH Sealed, $25, Full Swiss
6pm – AKH Sealed, $25, Four Rounds, Pay out to record
Call for more information: 516-597-5555
See you soon!
– Game Master Dave

Armageddon Demo/Learn to Play! Games Workshop Skirmish Game!

Good day gamers,
Our resident Warhammer player, Josie, is teaching and demoing the new Games Workshop skirmish game Armageddon !
Saturday, 9pm. FREE!
– Game Master Dave

Here are more details:

Come on down to Game Master Games to try out the brand new game releasing this weekend!

Shadow War: Armageddon is a miniature skirmish game produced by Games Workshop, based in the 40k universe. Build a small team of elite soldiers to battle against other “Kill Teams” in one of several mission types. The games are small and fast-paced, and are potentially part of an ongoing campaign.

Miniatures for play can be provided, but feel free to bring your own!

D&D Madness!

Good day players,
53 D&D Players here tonight!
5 new people checking out D&D Encounters!
Thank you so much for your patronage.
– Game Master Dave

Modern Masters 2017

Good day Magic Players,
Modern Masters 2017 on sale this weekend.
We still have several boxes for sale.
$10.99 per pack
Thursday night/Friday morning until 12:30am we are open for you to pick up some M17.
Friday, 8pm – Draft, $35, one booster pack per two players in prize pool.
Saturday, 3pm – Draft
Sunday, 3pm – Draft
Limited players.
Sign up today.
– Game Master Dave